A Lived Connection to Source

We are all of the same Source copy

In last week’s post I asked, “How can we feel (our) connection to divinity… so it becomes something we know experientially; a subtle but living presence within that we live and breathe in everything we do?”

Taking as my starting point an understanding of the divine as the Source energy and consciousness behind all that is, the key things that came up for me from delving into this question were that it is when we are heart-centered and fully present in the now moment that we tangibly experience this kind of felt-connection to our Source.

In the same post I very briefly touched on some of the morning practices I do that allow me to access this sense of felt-connection. Today I’d like to explore some other practices I’ve put in place that I feel are key in helping me to experience connection with Source as a real and tangible presence in my life.

While my morning practices help to frame my mindset for the day, I’m of the opinion that setting aside a specific chunk time for our ‘spiritual practice’ does not really serve us. Sure it’s better than doing nothing at all; but by doing so, even with the best of intentions, we may create a separate ‘spiritual self’ – and this can unwittingly result in the division of our day into times when we’re being that ‘spiritual self’ and times when we’re not.

As the reality of our connection to Source is ever-present, why would we choose to ‘tune into’ it only at set-aside times when we could instead choose to experience a felt-sense of that connection all day long?

Seen in this light, whether we have a longer period of time also set aside or not, short and frequent bursts of ‘connecting in’ throughout the day seem to me to be the way to most consistently experience a sense of felt-connection to Source; as well as a means of bringing about the integration of our ‘spiritual nature’ into our ‘human nature,’ dissolving the false dichotomy.

Doing a yoga pose or sitting in the traditional meditation posture in the middle of the office might not cut it in today’s secular world, so I’m choosing to focus on practices that can be easily incorporated throughout the day without drawing unwanted attention to oneself.

One of the things that came up in last week’s post was that felt-connection will be experienced as a reality more readily when there is a sense of two-way communication with the Universe, so I’m choosing to first focus on the speaking and listening sides of communication in turn; then on connecting in with the soul – our bridge to Source; and to end with some ideas for bringing yourself fully into the present moment.

While I hope the concrete nature of the practices will be useful for some – giving specific ideas for practices that can be integrated into your days and weeks right away, I’m very conscious of the fact that just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.

My suggestion to anyone who wants to open up into a deeper sense of felt-connection with Source would be to ask Source to show you the optimum way of connecting in for you. Take some or all of these practices as a starting point and try integrating them into your day or week. Also try out variations and other practices you’re drawn to. Observe how the practices work for you – which ones give you the sense of felt-connection that you’re looking for and which ones don’t?  Keep what works for you and discard the rest. Our connection to Source is experienced differently for each of us and the only things worth spending your time and energy on are the ones that work for you.

I believe that Source responds in kind to our intentions. When we show our commitment to connect with Source the path opens up before us and the tools and resources we need flow into our lives, leading us to what works for us. All we need to do is to have an open heart and mind, be ready and open to receive what flows into our lives, and to follow the signs; always trusting that we’ll be given everything we need to grow and expand in just the right design and timing for who we are.

As we experience this to be true, our trust and belief expand into knowing. Not only do we know, on an experiential level, the truth of our connection to Source; we come to know ourselves as Source in human form. Only with this understanding can we truly know ourselves as the sole authority in our lives. And it is when we embrace this that we open the door to conscious co-creation with the Universe.

I leave you today with some of my favourite practices…

Opening up a connection:

  • Ask for the connection you desire. I like to say quietly or silently to myself, “I’m now connecting to the divine within and the divine without, which are one and the same and all that is.” These words open me up into a space of conscious connection with Source and can be said at the start of a time of prayer or meditaiton, or, simply, in a brief moment of stillness in a busy day. They serve the dual purpose of reminding us of the truth of who we are, and making our intention to connect in known to the Universe.
  • Take this one step further and ask for the specific answers you desire. Open up a space of conscious connection in whatever way works best for you, and then make your question known by speaking it aloud or in your heart. The answer might not come to you straight away, but trust that is on its way. (More thoughts on how we may receive these answers below).
  • Use your breath to bring yourself into the present moment and activate a sense of felt-connection to the Universe. By far the most effective breath work I’ve found to do this involves imagining your body as a tube that is open at both ends, connecting you to the Universe in the form of the earth below and the heavens above. On alternate inhales breathe the supportive energies of the earth and the heavens into your body – it helps if you visualise yourself drawing this energy into your body. On your exhales imagine these energies merging in your body and filling your entire energy field with their supportive presence. In this way you not only connect with Source, but invite its supportive energies into your life.

Being on the receiving end of the connection:

  • Be on the lookout for signs and messages from the Universe. This one is ongoing throughout the day, but doesn’t require you to do anything other than cultivate an openness of mind that accepts that the Universe can and will communicate with you, and bring a heightened awareness to the things that are happening around you. Pay particular attention to things that you notice coming up twice or more, and things that appear to be answers to questions that you have asked.
  • Learn to recognise and trust your intuition, which is said to be the superconscious (otherwise known as Source) directly communicating with us. It’s easier for our intuition to communicate with us when our left brains are quiet and still; so meditation, nature walks and other activities that help reduce brain chatter are all good practices to incorporate into your day; but equally your intuition may speak to you when you’re naturally relaxed and open without you having even tried to create a conscious connection, such as when you’re daydreaming, in the shower, or completely focused on doing something you love.  ‘Listen’ for what floats up to the surface when you are in this quiet space – again, pay special attention to anything that seems like it might be an answer to a specific question you have been asking.
  • Get in the practice of pausing throughout the day to listen to your heart and connect in with its desires. Acknowledge them all and act on the ones you can. It is said that the divine speaks to us through our intuition and our most heartfelt desires. Rediscover your true nature by looking deeply into your heart and having the courage to be fearlessly honest with yourself; what is it that awakens your passion and makes your heart sing? What is it that brings a sense of peace and contentment to the innermost place within your heart? These are the things you want to be doing more of. As much as you can, release the rest from your life.

Living a soul-centered life:

  • Deepen into your relationship with your soul. Our soul is the bridge between us and Source and, if we can learn to listen to it, is always guiding us home to the truth of who and what we are. A practice I have found very helpful is to ‘dialog’ with my soul to feel into my most deeply felt desires. I like to do it on a Sunday night or a Monday morning, so I’m clear on my focus and intentions for the week ahead. I get quiet and consciously connect in. Then I ask my soul what its priorities are in different areas of my life; ranging from my relationships with others to my living space, and a whole host of others in-between. I write these in a notebook. Then all I need to do is read them through a couple of times during the week to quickly and easily bring myself back into alignment.
  • Stay soul-centered by setting your intention to be in alignment with your soul’s desires at the start of each day.

Being present in the now moment:

  • Simply and literally focus on your breath. Pause in what you are doing for a moment and bring all of your attention to your breathing; consciously slowing down both your inhalations and your exhalations. We can only breathe in the present moment, so focusing on the breath is a sure way to bring ourselves there.
  • Deepen into your experience of the now moment through your senses. I love this practice because it doubles up as a gratitude ritual. I simply focus on each of my senses in turn and notice what, in the present moment, is giving me pleasure. For example, if I’m out walking my dog, I might notice/bring my attention to the snow-capped mountains for the sense of sight; the bracing fresh air for the sense of smell; the sound of the river for the sense of hearing; and the feel of the wind in my hair for the sense of touch.
  • Look at your world with eyes and a heart that see. Really look at and notice what is in the physical environment around you; you can only do this when your mind is still and you’re present in the now moment. Imagine sometimes that you’re seeing everything with ‘fresh eyes’ and look at it as keenly as you would if you were seeing it for the first time; when you do this you can’t help but notice the wonder, mystery and miracle of life of all that is around you. Another variation I like to do is to remind myself that I am one with all I see; a unique expression of the beauty and perfection of Source just as everything around me is. Doing this not only brings me into the present moment, it also affirms that I am one with Source and in an ever-present state of connection, reminding me of the truth of my being.

Have you tried any of these or similar practices before and how have they worked for you? What are your favourite ways to deepen into a felt-connection to Source? How do you experience your connection to Source? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Wishing you a day of deeply felt connection.


8 thoughts on “A Lived Connection to Source”

  1. Thank You for this. I am going to read it over several times. I have had a few weeks of challenging to stay connected in the conscious awareness that you are describing and my soul feels it. I feel tired and weary and emotionally drained and inspiration is far away. I know why, I know my peace comes and my strength comes when I am in the moment and in spirit no matter what may be happening around me. I needed this beautiful reminder to get back home.. Thank you

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    1. Dear Tony, after all the light and love that you shine into my life and that of others, I’m delighted to be the instrument of a tiny ray of light shining into yours. I hope you feel reconnected to your hope, your peace, your strength, your inspiration and your Spirit soon. Sending you my very best wishes. Julia

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  2. Really enjoyed this piece. I particularly like all the practical wisdom. I think we can get so ephemeral in our talk of our relationship with spirit, that miss just practice tips on how to build this. Beautiful piece.


    1. Dear Noelle Vignola, thank you for your time and your kind comment; I really appreciate the feedback. I feel that for our relationship with the Divine to be meaningful in our lives it needs to be experiential and lived into. That kind of felt connection is what I want to build on in my own life, and it is my intention that in sharing my practices here they will reach the people who need them.

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  3. Not sure you’ve ever heard the word gnosis? It means those who seek an experiential relationship with the divine. Gnostics were people who wished to experience Spirit I timately and directly. I have long since said I have no religion, I am merely a gnostic on the road.

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    1. Hi again Noelle. I didn’t actually know that word, but it feels like a perfect fit. Organized religion holds no appeal for me, but the path of spiritual evolution and an intimate relationship with spirit most certainly does. It’s great to meet other journeyers along the road :)


      1. Ken Wilber is currently doing a lecture series on the evolution of spirit from our earlier development in organized religion into an inclusive spiritual evolution. Really interesting stuff. I grew up in a hippy Catholic community, so I don’t really have any past negatives with organized religion, I just never could find one that really fit for me. I love spiritual community so in some ways it has always made me a little sad. Finding like minded people like us are hard to come by in one place!

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  4. I like spiritual community (or any community really!), too. I find it validates our experiences and helps us to make sense of them when we can talk about them with people who are, or have been, through similar experiences themselves. Even living here in the ‘doinaka’ of rural Japan I’ve been most fortunate to encounter four people who I can share authentically with, which utterly amazes me. I am so very grateful. It is my sincere wish that you also will be blessed with such encounters ‘locally’ so you can enjoy the kind of spiritual community you wish for. (I added the inverted commas because it’s a minimum of a 30 minute drive to get to the places of any of my ‘local’ like-minded folks…) .


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