There Is Only Now

Be Here Now


When you get


in the quicksand of the


letting long-gone

people and situations –




simmering resentments,

thoughts about what you should or

shouldn’t have done, could or

couldn’t have been –


hold you in their grasp


it’s as if in the

rooms in your head

the clock hands have




and you are stuck


in a chamber of your

own making,



in a world you

cannot change.


Why lament that which

has already passed?


Do yourself a favor and

let it all

go –


breathe it out,

give it back to

Mother Earth;

release it into the

air, the soil, the wind,

the waves –


let nature take your

burden from you, whisking it

away on the wind like

dying leaves and,

in your newfound lightness

of being, you’ll wonder

what you’ve been so

attached to all this time.



When you let yourself get


by the lasso of the

unseen future –



worries, anxieties

taking residence

in your head

fueled by self-doubts

and insecurities –


it’s as if the clock hands are

spinning too fast

like an out of control

fairground carousel.


You ravage your

peace of mind with your

overrun imagination,


turning your greatest ally

into a bane.


Why agonize over that

which may never come to pass?


Do yourself a favor and

let it all

go –


breathe it out,

give it up to

Mother Earth,

release it into the

river, the ocean, the forest,

the vast night sky –


let nature take your

burden from you, borne

away like a dandelion on

the breeze and,

in your newfound lightness

of being, you’ll wonder

what you’ve been so

attached to all this time.



And as you inhale

come back to the present.


It’s where you are

all the time anyway,


You just don’t know it,

caught up in your stories of

Painful Past and

Fearsome Future.


Release yourself from their

binding grip as you

slowly, consciously

bring yourself back to the



Because it’s always

here you have

nowhere to go to

find it, and,

however many times you

lose sight of it, you only

have to seek it out again to

see it’s been here all

along –


it’s you that were absent,

you who forgot to bring your

presence to this beautiful





Now is…


the time-place where you are

truly alive – where you can feel and

hear and see and

taste and smell; where you

can give and be given

love, know the


that you are.


the time-place where you can

be there – for

yourself and for others – in



the time-place where

authentic interaction and

conversation can be had.


the time-place where you

have the power to

change your life – one

decision at a time.


the time-place where



serenity and




When you take yourself

out of the present –


with your regrets and

lamentations, your

anxieties and fears,


you are removing yourself

from your life, from any possibility of

really living it.


It really is as simple as all

the masters have said:


Be Here Now –


where the clock hands are

out of the picture because

time – what’s that?

It doesn’t even exist.


It is always now.

It is always here.


And you, too, are always right here, right now.


6 thoughts on “There Is Only Now”

    1. Yes, I know that feeling – catching myself slipping back into mindless stream of consciousness is something I have to always be on my guard against. For me it helps to come back to the senses and focus on the concrete things I can see, hear, smell and feel. I guess for all of us it is an ongoing process of coming back into mindfulness and the slipping away from it again…


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