The Divine Feminine

A poem about the Divine Feminine and her gifts to the world.
This stunning piece of original art is used with kind permission from the artist, Shanty of Shanty Art Vibratoire.

I sense Her

curled up in a

tight ball inside

me. Her limbs




by the nebulous

orangey-red walls

of my womb.


She has confined and

constricted Herself

like a circus



A grown,

succulent woman who

was never given

space; a grown


succulent woman


who was never

birthed forth

into the world.



She has lived in the

margins; pushed into the

shadows by

Mind, Logic, Intellect


Action –


Masculine attributes the

world has told Her are

worthier than

Her own.


Her gifts of receptiveness,

nurturing, giving,

intuitive stillness

and Being

shunned and sidelined –

because they’re not readily

subsumed into the

dominant worldview.


The Emperors and

Empresses of pure and

unadulterated Rationalism

so flummoxed by Her they haven’t

known what to do…


Other than to

consistently and

conscientiously push

Her back up the

birth canal if she

offers so much as a

glimpse of Her

strength and power.


But now it’s Her time.


Deep in the womb of

individual women and

the Universal collective

consciousness, she has been

patiently biding

Her time.



Herself as only

she knows how to

do; growing Her strength

in this dark and

fecund space.


Now she is ready to

give birth to

Herself in

Her full power and




The Divine Feminine


forth in all

Her glory.



Slowly she


Her limbs;


Stretches tall, delighting

in the sense of

unrestricted space.


She knows Herself

only as limitless

potential –


and this

is, perhaps, Her most

precious gift.



Her torso strong as

an oak tree, she sinks

roots deep into

Mother Earth.


Allows Herself to be

nurtured by the

sacred space at

the core – the

womb of Gaia.


She stands strong in Her

own power;

knows Herself as

Her Source.


But she has not risen only to stand alone.


And nor is she here to conquer.


She has risen to give of Herself – in the

self-honoring and self-nurturing way

only the Divine Feminine can.



Her limbs wrap themselves

around and entwine the

Masculine that has

reigned within us.


Softly, softly – with

seeds of love and patience – she

offers Her gifts.


“Be gentle with yourself,”

she whispers – the unconditional

love that is

lustrous in Her eyes

beckoning; urging the Masculine

energy to entwine with

Her and know of itself as Wholeness –


Divine Masculine one with Divine Feminine –


from this day on.



“Our strength is not in our

separateness, but in our



The Heart/Mind dichotomy

replaced by



As the Masculine rises up to

meet the challenge and

discover its own



it tentatively

merges with

Divine Feminine and

Wholeness is born.


In the moment of

conception two energies

converge to become a

vast ocean, and each

knows itself both as Itself and

as something more:





Totality of being.


The space from which

creation is born.




16 thoughts on “The Divine Feminine”

    1. Thank you Reba. It flowed through me and onto the page on a day when I realised I’d been too much in the masculine energy of striving and pushing myself hard recently, and that I really needed a day off to just be. Committing to grounding in the Divine Feminine energy more and more – it just feels so good!


    1. Thank you for coming by Beverley. Oh yes, I long for that balance, and an even greater sense of joyful ease. And what an honour that we can be instrumental in helping to ground the Divine Feminine energy!


    1. Thank you for coming by Roslyn and pointing this out. How funny I hadn’t even consciously thought of it like that – I was thinking more of the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies in an individual creating the right space for manifestation to begin – but of course you are so right!


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