Stepping Up Into Being More Visible

Discussing my healing journey, how to step up into being more visible whilst staying in alignment with my values, and the process of writing a book with coach Reba Linker of Paint Yourself Into the Picture.

This is both one of the areas around which I received coaching from Reba Linker – a wonderful friend who I met online – on Paint Yourself Into the Picture and, quite literally, what being on the show and posting the link to it here means to me.

Despite a great deal of personal work on my patterns, and an overwhelming desire to share my story in a public forum so that my experiences can reach and encourage as many others on a similar path as possible, it is clear that I still have some internal resistance to being seen…

Well, as many masters have said, this is a lifelong journey.

And, as the late Susan Jeffers said, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

So here is the show.

(Please click to open it in a new window and view, as my plan doesn’t support videos).

In it Reba and I discuss how I can reframe reaching out to people as connecting to make it something that feels more in alignment with my values, and also talk about the process of creating a unifying theme – a “bumper sticker” as Reba calls it in her blog – to aid in the process of writing a book.

I hope you all enjoy the show and get as much out if it as I did. Don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube for more of the same.

What does stepping up into being more visible mean to you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.




7 thoughts on “Stepping Up Into Being More Visible”

  1. I am so honored to share the spotlight with you, Julia! You were visible in such a beautiful, inspiring way, and I truly hope that this experience encourages you to keep being true to your dreams and courageous in your actions – as you already are! Much love!

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    1. Thank you Reba for your passion and love for what you do, which shine through in every moment. I love the safe and sacred space you created, and got so much out of our conversation. Here’s to us being ever more true to ourselves, and always daring to dream bold dreams and take inspired and consistent action in their direction xox

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  2. What I really enjoyed about the show was how it was a give and take between the two of you. That to me is what life and relationships and communicating are about, Julia. We all have to have a willingness to step out of our comfort zone, (even if just a little bit at a time), to see how we can expand the edges and create a new ‘safe’ for ourselves. When I tell people I was painfully shy when I was young, most people who know me now, don’t believe it. Life is a journey of discovery and step by step, year by year, we grow and become who we are. It continues to change and morph as we go. Thanks for your willingness to step out and grow.

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    1. Thank you for your support and loving comment, Beverley. I, too, was painfully shy in my teens. Isn’t it exciting how much we can grow and evolve when we let ourselves step up and out of our safety zones? I love what you say about as how we do we create a new “safe.” I hadn’t thought about it like that before, but can see it’s so true now I do. So excited to evolve into more and more into who I am, while also being happy with where I’m at right now oxo

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  3. Hi Julia,

    Congrats on this beautiful sharing you’ve made. It was great to see you “in the open” like this and expressing freely. I think doing this somehow makes those parts of ourselves we wish to share and “become” even more real and available to us. There’s a really interesting process by which we need to “have the experience” of something new to really make it our own, but before that we have this magnetic attraction to what we most desire to be and do, as if we already know the end somehow. And then we realize it was the relationship we built with that magnetic something that was the creative relationship itself. That was and is the magic… And even when the fruits of our labors arise– the result of our back and forth with that magnetic something– I suspect we want to do it again… :)

    Peace and Love


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