Co-Creating NEW EARTH.


We are The Creators – this is one Aspect of the Divinity with which we are Infused:

The Ability – through what we put our Attention & Intention on; our Choices; & the Energy we Breathe into all our Creations – to Create 〜 through the Coming Together of all our Individual Creations 〜 our Experience of our World.

Let us Honor the Collective Human Experience & Honor GAIA by Choosing to Create Consciously at this Pivotal Time on our Planet – Infusing our Creations – both Individually & Collectively – with the Higher-Vibrational Energies of LOVE, JOY, HONOR, IMPECCABILITY, ABUNDANCE – & FREEDOM & EMPOWERMENT For ALL.

Now is the time for us to Create our World ANEW.

To Create a World that Upholds & Honors the Multiple Expressions of the Divine That We Are.

A World based on the Principles of Love, Compassion – and a True Understanding of our Oneness As A Human Race.

A World Centered around a True Honoring of SELF & EACH OTHER as Unique Expressions of Source Light in Human Form –

Each of us Worthy;

Each Valuable;

Each having been Gifted with a Unique Contribution to Share.


Let us Come Home to SELF & The DIVINITY 0f SELF.

Create from The SOURCE of 0ur DIVINITY.


Creating from a place of AUTHENTIC POWER That HONORS ALL.

Let DIVINITY Flow – Through each Of Us & Our Individual & Collective Creations:-

Uplifting the Earth;

Aligning the Collective Consciousness with a Higher Expression of Being;

Making Manifest the Earth of the Higher Dimensions – Here; Now – in the Physical Reality in which we Reside.



If you are Excited and Inspired by what is possible for us as a Human Collective at this crucial juncture in our TimeLine and wish to Contribute your Energy to Grounding the New Earth Realities into the Earth Plane in a Powerful and Transformative way, I would like to extend an Invitation for you to join us in the VISIONS OF NEW EARTH Circle.

During our Sacred Time together in Circle, we will be lifted into the Energy & Frequency of the Higher Dimensions by The Beings Of Absolute Light I channel.

As we Access this High-Frequency State of Being, we will be Guided to create our Highest Visions of NEW EARTH from this place of Alignment with Our Highest & Most Sacred Truth.

The Beings Of Absolute Light have pledged to Amplify the Energy of Our Sacred Intentions & Visions Aligned With The Vibrational Frequency Of New Earth & to Support the Physicalization of the Higher Dimensions in the Earth Plane To Come Into Being With Far Greater Ease & Grace & In Ways That Are in Alignment with the Highest Timeline For Humanity & The GREATER WHOLE, as they Activate & Amplify the Highest-Aligned Creations That We Envision.

Read more and/or register here:


Whether you join us in Circle or not, may all Our Creations be Blessed by Divine Love; & may we move Gracefully into this New Era that is being Birthed Forth Through Us as More and More of us Step Into the Embodiment of the Divine Light That We Are.

With gratitude to each of you for being Here on the Planet at this time, in Sacred Co-Creation of a New Earth Together.

In love,

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