Dark Night of the Soul

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At certain unforeseen

junctures in the

course of one’s lifetime

here on this verdant green, this

beautiful, nurturing, mothering


an abrupt

unasked-for change

severs the

tightly woven

fabric of your life, ripping

away stitches that join together

seams; tearing to


the carefully constructed

life you know.


The Earth seems to

shift beneath your feet and what



was solid ground






leaving you stranded

with nowhere to plant

your feet, no firm

terrain to

root yourself in as




you thought you knew,

all that you felt so sure of








to dust,





Leaving you

trying to keep your

head above water in an

ocean of loss and

confusion; a

fearsome sea of change

with the unfamiliar at

every horizon.


There are


recognisable landmarks to

navigate from –

you are




a stranger in

your own life


you know


no more.


No one can say what

will preface this unmooring,

from where the squall that


the life you know

will come.


But come it

does and dark clouds

gather on the horizon,

blotting out the light.


You stumble and fall,

find yourself prostrate on the

ground, unable to

see your way through the

black as pitch

place you find yourself in.


And as the darkness

envelopes you in its

all-pervading presence

you wonder if you’ll


lay eyes on light again.


Try not to fear the darkness of this night,

try not to resist the plunge into its

impenetrable depths, steer

your way out too soon…


Lean into the wind, open your arms wide

to the storm, allow its spray to blow right

through you, drenching you in

its frenzy.


Open yourself to receive its

deluge, giving yourself permission,

the time and the space needed, to feel it all –

the hurt, the pain, the fear, the confusion, the

darkness, the revulsion, the brokenness, the

unknowing, the compulsive longing

for something


it all.


Allow yourself to know the depths of darkness as


as the light,


To know the dark night

of your soul and

love yourself

through it all.


Give yourself the time and space

to really look into each of the

emotions inscribed on your heart

allowing them to stay as

long as they need –

not condemning,

accepting them as they are.


Accepting all of you.


Allow yourself to look

deeply and honestly into



are – the

darkness as well as

the light.


For just as the seed starts to

germinate deep beneath the

soil in a total absence of

light, so days of

darkness are fertile soil, rich in the

conditions necessary for the

germination of the soul.


Knowing this,

the Infinite part of you



the savagery of this

storm is not in vain.


The vast and infinite creative


that spoke into being not only


but also the storm in

all its ferocious


does not know the

meaning of the word



Everything has its purpose.


Every experience is

here, now, to lead you to deeper

knowing, to stretch you

open into more

expansiveness, to bring forth

greater authenticity of

being, to precipitate the

evolution of your soul


extending an invitation

for you to migrate from

the shadows into

more of the light.


The storm that pelts you with

pebbles of pain was


before you were born to


in you

the impulse for



This time of darkness, the seeming

absence of light

carries within it the seeds of

metamorphosis –

your metamorphosis.


It is the wounding,

inconsolable darkness that

breaks us open, lets in the light.


Without the darkness of the storm,

who would choose to embark on

such an unnerving voyage.


This is change with a

capital ‘C’ –


the undoing,

the unbecoming

of all that you thought you knew,

all that you thought you were.


The storm is offering you the

chance to wash away the old, to

purify yourself with the

salt of your tears, to come into deeper


a more truthful relationship with

who and


you are.


And what it asks of

you is that you willingly

yield with an open

heart and mind.


So don’t try to escape the onslaught of the

storm or be afraid to see what’s there…


Looking deeply you see the

pain and desolation are nothing less

than a slightly-muddied mirror

reflecting back at you something more

you’re ready to know, to be.


Suffuse yourself in it all,

softening the mirror’s

opacity as you

courageously look with

fearsome honesty,

bringing stillness and clarity to

what were once

whirlpools of

concealed thoughts and

emotions, hidden beneath the

surface of where you

dared to go.


Persist with this journey,

diving deeper within, and

the entire Universe will

open up before you as you

discover the


of who and what you

really are

beyond the limits of the

human mind with all its

knowledge and understanding…


Attune to the part of

you that exists beyond the

illusion and

Know in the

innermost depths of your

being that the storm is

not the affliction

your mind thinks

it to be.


It is a

gift of


grace –


here to awaken,

to cleanse,

to lay the fire that

is kindling your rebirth.


Trust in the

Infinite wisdom that

resides within,


trust in the guiding

hand of Source and

Know that this is






as it’s meant to be…


Know that the darkness of this

storm shall pass; the clouds will

break up, disperse; and the

warmth of the sun’s light will

seek you out again.


Know that after the pitch


of night a beautiful

dawn awaits you –


urging you to

surrender, to


receive its light.