Welcoming In The New


A New Year. A New Decade. A New Me?

When I look back on the last decade, I can’t believe the changes in MySelf.


I am not the same person I was ten years ago.

I’m not the same person I was a year ago.


I’m not even the same person I was ten weeks ago.


Realities are Shifting and Changing so fast on the Planet now.


What we put our Focus on is important, for this is what we Create the Energy of and what Shows Up in our life to Reflect our Values back.

For the past almost two years I have been privileged to lead a Circle at the Online Healing Community AtoZ Healing Space.


This year we held a Welcoming In Of The New Year Ceremony on Zoom. It was a beautiful time of Connection with a wonderful Intention Setting Ceremony from Jenny Mannion, a powerful StarGate Meditation which took us into the Quantum Field where we gathered in a collective ‘Tent of Peace’ from Reba Linker, and a channeled Message from The Archangel Metatron Of Absolute Light from me.

During Jenny’s Intention Setting Meditation which opened the Ceremony, she spoke of ‘the last seven years of dramatic Shifting.

These words stood out to me because they were so resonant with my own experience.

When I look back on the last decade, it is the last seven years that draw my attention.

This seven year cycle has been full of of deep and profound Shifts and Changes in my life.



In retrospect, this makes complete sense.

It has been seven years since the Universal ‘Floodgates’ were Opened at the End of 2012 to Allow more High Frequency Light to Permeate the Planet; Aligning StarSeeds with our Chosen Path.

For those like me that weren’t Aware we were StarSeeds – or even on a Spiritual Journey – before this significant Event in our TimeLine, the last seven year cycle has been Intense and wonderful; filled with huge amounts of Growth and Expansion; imbued with Wonder and Awe as we have Embarked on an Accelerated Awakening and Ascension Path.

♢♢♢ ♢♢♢ ♢♢♢ ♢♢♢

Looking back these events might make sense, but at the time the Change felt scary.

It was uninvited and unknown; began with a period of anxiety and depression; and – as releasing The Old to Make Way For The New often does – invoked a lot of Fear.


It was, perhaps, the most difficult time of my entire life.


Of course.

It was a Sacred Passage and Sacred Initiation.


At the time I had no idea what these words even meant.


I Uncovered and Unpacked their meaning in a deeply personal way through my Lived Experience of Change.


♢♢♢ ♢♢♢ ♢♢♢


True to Maya Angelou’s quote, change is a sometimes-messy, sometimes-painful, always-revolutionary PROCESS.

My healing process asked me – still asks me – to look at myself face-on with honesty and integrity; to see the ‘rough’ along with the ‘smooth;’ to do the work of Honing; always with a heart full of love.

The first half of the seven year cycle took me deep within myself to depths I didn’t know existed; to an emotional state that left me no choice but to courageously reach beyond what I’d always known and always done and give myself Wings To Fly.


The Beauty this healing journey has Unleashed in my life is Incomparable:

Deep Connection with my Soul Essence.

ReUnification with Self.

An ongoing ReClaiming of My Power.

Centering in the Energy of Self.

Leaning into my Power of Choice as a Sovereign Soul.

Centering in Pure Presence

Living from the Heart.

Connection with my Guidance.

Aligning with my SoulPath.


These things and Many More are the Gossamer Wings of Woven Light I have Grown.





EverReady To Beat And Carry Me To The Next Destination And Then The Next On The Perpetually Unfolding Path Of My Soul Journey.


During the past seven year cycle, I have become a Changed Person; Born Anew on these Gossamer Wings Growing Stronger with each Heartbeat Centred in Presence and Grounded In the Truth of Who I AM.

Beauty, Joy, Strength, Connection to my Truth, the Opening of my Intuitive gifts; SO MUCH Expansion – all these and more the Sacred Gifts Birthed Forth from Digging In at the start of the seven year cycle and looking my Pain in her face; exploring the edges of Self.

I am beyond grateful to the Healers and Practitioners who supported me at this critical juncture in my life that was – unbeknownst to me at the time – my initiation into my Awakening and Ascension journey; teaching me how to Interact with the pain I carried in Empowering ways.

Looked at face to face under my – albeit sometimes faltering – gaze, the pain of Self-Abandonment Revealed; Instructed; Cleansed; Made New.

So when Jenny used the phrase ‘the last seven years of dramatic Shifting’ it immediately struck a chord.

The last seven year cycle has shifted my life entirely; Made ME ANEW.








Jenny went on to speak of how Astrologically as we walk over the threshold into 2020 we Enter a Cycle of Newness.

MAKING NEW is the theme of this New Decade.

The Theme of our next Seven Year Cycle as a Collective; especially as LightWorkers and WayShowers.


My own Guidance – for my seven year cycle was about Tapping into and Trusting the Highest Guidance Available To Me and coming more into Alignment with my Highest Soul Truth – Confirms this.

I received information from The Archangel Metatron Of Absolute Light – Opening to channeling is one of the ways I have opened to the New during the last seven year cycle – that the Inter-Planetary Energies are Now Aligning to Support Us The Human Collective in Creating something New and More Beautiful Than We Have Ever Imagined or Created Before.

He says that first we will do this as Individuals; but then will Come Together as LightWorkers and People Embodying our Highest Truth, Weaving our Gifts and Creations together in Sacred Collaborations that Raise the Frequency of the Whole.


This is to begin with the LightWorkers, the WayShowers and the Ascension Guides; but soon this Raised Vibration will be Held by So Many That It Will Permeate The Whole and the Old will Fall Away out of Necessity, unable to Coexist with this Higher Vibration.

The Archangel Metatron says that the first seven years of this New Decade may seem particularly Turbulent for some. This is because Largescale Change is always preceded by some degree of Destruction.

He reassures me that Destruction is Not Always To be Feared. That sometimes it is Necessary for The Old to be Cleared Away To Make Way For The New.

He further reminds me that – as he knows many of us know – the Energies At This Time are Supporting Us as Individuals and as a Collective in Aligning with our Highest Soul Truth.

He says that during the decade Ahead, the Energies Coming into The Planet and many, many InterDimensional Beings Of Light are here to Support Us The Human Collective in MAKING NEW.




This is not something we have to do Alone. We Incarnated At This Significant Time in order to do it as a Collective. Further, there is a incredible amount of Support Available to Us from Other Realms.


The Archangel Metatron cautions that if we don’t do this of our own accord, The Universe will be giving us the ‘gentle’ push we need to make it so.


Why wait for the Universe’s ‘Gentle Push’?

Why not simply Step Into Sovereignty and commit Now to Making A Change in the Direction of your Dreams; DECIDING to MAKE YOURSELF ANEW IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HIGHEST VISION; Gifting YourSelf Wings to Fly?





We Are Sovereign Beings; WE are The ChangeMakers in our Lives.


All Change starts with a Decision to do something differently.

A decision Made by US.

Our Commitment to Create OurSelf Anew.


Let us step into Self-Agency.

Let us Dance in Co-creation with The Universe; Make New & Beautiful SOUL-ALIGNED CREATIONS of Our Own Accord.


No more waiting for the ‘right time.’


NOW Is The Time.


In each and every moment of each and every day we have the chance to Create Anew through the Power of Choice Invested in Each Of Us.


In Each And Every Moment, We – as Individuals and as a Collective – have the Power Through Our Conscious Choice To:

  • ReAlign with our Highest Truth and Create From that Sacred Place.
  • Shift Our Limiting Thoughts; Allow Ourselves To Know The Unlimited Potential We Are & That We Came Here To Be.
  • Make A New Choice That Lifts Us From What We Have Always Known & What We Have Always Been; Putting Us Firmly On The Path To Where We Want To Be.
  • Make New Choices That Work For The Whole Of Humanity And The Whole Of The EcoSystems Of Gaia As Well As For Us As Individuals.










With the Support of the Planets and the Solar System on our side, Now is the Perfect Time for us to Release The Old That Doesn’t Serve And CREATE ANEW.


As Individuals, it is time for us to Trust our Hearts to Guide us; to Trust our Purity, our Integrity, our Joy.

To Allow ourselves to BE Who We REALLY Are.

To Allow Ourselves To Be More Expansive; More Centred in the Energy of Self; More Connected to Our Truth than we have Ever Been Before.


As a Human Collective, it is time for us to Create A World Where ALL Receive what is needed to Grow Wings and Fly.


It is Time for us to Weave Love into Our Creations.

To Honor Ourselves and Each Other.

To BE The Change We Want To See In The World. (Ghandi).

To Create Consciously.

To Create From A Heart-Centred Space.

To Create In Ways That Respect And Uphold Life – ALL LIFE – On The Planet, None Less Than Gaia Herself.






Beautiful Soul – and please Know We are ALL Beautiful Souls – What is it that you want to Create Anew in your Life at this Ripe-For-Change Time?


It is time to claim our Power as Creators of our Reality.


Dream Into your Vision. Infuse it with the Energy of the New.

Let YourSelf be Carried On the Energy of your Soul Desires.

Let the Divine LoveLight Within You That KNOWS Who You Came Here To Be Guide You and Lead You on Your Way.


Align With Divine Flow.

Surrender To The ALL That You Are BECOMING.


Let the Old Structures that do not Support you Fall Away.


Surrender to the Ways The Divine wishes to Express Through You.


Give yourself over to Love.

Give yourself over to Light.


Give yourself over to the Creation of that which Your Heart Longs to Bring Forth.


Align with Beauty and Joy.


Align with the Beauty and Joy you want to Create in your Life.

Align with the Beauty and Joy you want to Create in our Life as a Human Collective.


Let 2020 Be the Year you Gift YourSelf Wings To Fly.

The Year you Support those around you in Growing Their own Wings To Fly.


Let 2020 be the Year WE CREATE THE WORLD ANEW.


The Year WE CREATE OURSELVES ANEW in Ever-Unfolding Moments of Beauty and Joy.




I would love to know in what ways you want to Create YourSelf and the World ANEW Going Forward into 2020 And BEYOND.

Please feel free to share in the comments.


If you would like to watch the replay for the Welcoming In The New Year Ceremony, it is available in the AtoZ Members’ Forum. All are welcome in this free online spiritual Community, but you will need to send a request to join the group.


♢♢♢ ♢♢♢  ♢♢♢