Heart-Centered Beingness

Heart-Centered Beingness –

Being present in our heart-space.

Being open to what is arising in the moment.

Responding from the heart.

Each moment, each breath, an invitation –

To come back to the heart;

To Know Oneself in Harmony with The Universe.

Living from this heart-centered space – our words and actions become centered in Intention & Love.

We Are a Blessing in the World.

Our Love radiates out creating ripples & transforming the Hearts of those we Encounter.

One Heart at a time, we begin to Embody

more Love,

more Compassion,

more Courage,

more Strength,

more Trust,

more Hope,

a Higher Frequency.

More of our Soul’s Unique Beauty.

More of our Soul’s Unique & Highest Truth.

One Heart At A Time Transformed –

as we Reflect to one another our Divine Potential, the Beauty of the Soul.

One Heart At A Time, Re-Membering.

One Heart At A Time, Embracing More Love; Living with more Intention.

One Heart At A Time, Knowing OurSelf in More of Our Truth.

One Heart Touches Many Hearts Over A Lifetime –

One Heart At A Time, Change Unfurls.

Soul Light


I want to be Magnificently Me,

The Living Embodiment of My Soul’s Highest Aspects;

And I want you to be Magnificently You,

The Living Embodiment of Your Soul’s Highest Aspects;

And as the paths we walk – both separate and intertwined –

come into ever Higher Alignment with Divine Flow,

may a Love More Magnificent than any we’ve

visioned for ourselves Flourish, Grow.


Image courtesy of Deflyne.

Activating Soul’s Highest Truth

This is something in an entirely new format for me to share.

I have been told that the sharing of activations is going to be a part of my role here, but it took a “nudge” from Archangel Michael today to get me behind the camera recording one.

It’s not that I was unwilling; more waiting for clarity around the right timing.

Well, it seems that today is aligned with Divine perfect timing.

How could it be more fitting?

At a time when all the veils and masks are being removed, I am stepping into more of my authentic Self and greater visibility in my Truth; and simultaneously sharing an activation which supports you in coming into greater alignment with Wholeness and your Soul’s Highest Truth.

I hope you enjoy.